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January 2012  

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All better?  
09:51pm 19/01/2010
The procedure went well & the cat is back home. She now has a frankenstein-looking ear. She's figured out that I was involved in her whole vet ordeal & she's giving me the look that tells me she's plotting my demise...
location: Fireesin
mood: uncomfortableuncomfortable
tags: pets
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It's always something...  
06:30pm 18/01/2010
The cat is having surgery tomorrow... because she shook her head too hard & broke a blood vessel. Seriously.
location: Fireesin
mood: aggravatedaggravated
tags: pets
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06:58pm 12/01/2010
I spent the day sick at home. Fortunately, thanks to the new 'puter, I can now logon to Second Life. Yes, I'm a citizen! If you haven't tried it, it is pretty amazing. You an do anything in this VR than you can do in real life.... and SOOOO much more! If you have an account, look me up, I'm Heathen Pera in the game...

I believe I'm headed for a long hot shower, some kind of simple meal and an early bed time...
location: Fireesin
mood: sicksick
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11:39pm 09/01/2010
I'm back online with a 'puter that is super fast & I'm a happy camper. The old 'puter got highjacked. The pesky bit of malicious code disabled all admin functions & tried to change all the settings. AND the anti-virus program didn't find it! Now I just have to keep it from happening again...
location: Fireesin
mood: happyhappy
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It's that time again...  
12:15am 02/01/2010
I told myself that I wouldn't do THE post this year. I told myself that the world had moved on... that friends had moved on...

But here I am typing...

As always, there are no names in this post. Don't ask if this one or that one is you. I won't tell you. You'll either know... or you won't.

2010 will be brutal. Brutal change. Brutal realities. Brutal realizations. Brutal honesty. It won't be all bad but it will be hard for some. There will be health scares again for several. A very close brush with death for one. One up north will be resposible for a betrayal. The one who threw it all away will rebuild and maybe learn from the past. The one who stays out of duty but not love will face a life altering decision. The one who lies to themself will be faced with 2 harsh realizations. The one who pines away will be given a once in a lifetime chance. The one who lies to others will learn how others see them. Two of us will continue to self-medicate with disasterous results for one. One of us will be faced with legal issues. Two of us will seriously flirt with the entertainment industry but only one will succeed. The one who settled will find zen. The one who plots will learn the value of trust. The two who thought they were building a life together will learn the truth. The colorful one will find bliss and then righteous indignation. The one who isolates themself in a crowd will go to new extremes. One on the fringe will slip away quietly. Three relationships will see profound change to the surprise of most. The rock will fracture. And one of us will dream of tomatoes...
location: Fireesin
mood: indescribableindescribable
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A calm, good day...  
06:30pm 26/11/2009
I slept in this morning & was nearly late getting to the OB to meet up with the Dad.

We had a Traditional Casino Turkey Day. There were a LOT less people in Tunica today. We got to have a leisurely meal & for the first time in years, I actually got to eat turkey for The Meal. We came back to the OB & went for a 2 1/2 mile walk through my folks' 'hood. It was fun.

I came home & buried my nose in a book for the remainder of the afternoon. Now I'm thinking about veggie soup for dinner... Yep, a bowl of comforting soup & full DVR are in my immediate future.
location: Fireesin
mood: contentcontent
tags: family, ob, turkey
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It's that time again...  
06:09pm 13/01/2009
Several of you have been nudging me about this year's prediction post. I'm sorry, but I just wasn't feeling it...

Until tonight.

The coming year will be one of hunkering down... for individuals, groups, nations & continents. Many will face trial & many will not survive it. The two up north will finally see the resolution of a long-standing problem but will not see the relief they quietly desire. The impetuous one will be forced to grow up. The blossoming one will find a groove and a measure of stability. The three who are afraid of success will all, independently, make decisions that they will regret bitterly but only one will learn from their decision. The one across the ocean will find relief from his secret grief but will not "break out" this year. The long distance lovers will find that resentment has become entrenched. The little one will play a much bigger role in the group. The resourceful one will become the hub for a time. The self destructive one will learn that they have new depths to which they must sink. The dual-natured one will learn a very painful lesson at high cost. The bitter one will find a measure of hope. The successful go-getter will lose someone very close. The one who rebuilt their body and life will suffer a huge setback. The lovers that can never be will reinvent their relationship. This year will, thankfully, bring fewer health issues for all... with one exception. The one in the upper corner will make a decision that will change the course of several lives. The one in the lower corner will need to watch the horizon (seriously). The traveling one will finally find home... but will keep traveling. The stressed out lovers will be in for a surprise. The one at the bottom of the world will make a move. The one who lives to network will achieve a new level of understanding almost too late. The one in love with nature will yearn for home. The one who sees ghosts and numbers will self medicate. And one of us will still dream of tomatoes...
location: Fireesin
mood: indescribableindescribable
media: "Original Sin" by INXS
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After much delay, it's that time again...  
01:23pm 13/01/2008
The spirit has been willing but the computer has been weak, dammit...

Well, last year's post certainly had some dead-on hits & a couple of wide misses! I think I was a bit too vague  & perhaps a bit too inclusive. This year will be a bit different:

The theme for last year was change. This year it's polarization. This year, opinions will be formed, will change & will be expressed. For many of us, this will be a constructive thing. For three of us it will be damaging. This year will bring trials for 4 couples. Two will weather the storm. The one at the bottom of the world will find, for a time at least, intense happiness. Financial problems will threaten to overwhelm 5 of us. Three will learn from their mistakes & recover. Health concerns will become a big priority for two of us. One of us will experience tremendous pain. One of us will learn the true meaning of honor. The two up north will overcome several daunting obstacles & grow closer. The one on the coast will fade away. There will be a prodigal this year (maybe two). The one across the ocean will revel in domesticity (secretly). There will be two new pairings, one will fail publicly. The one who hit her reset button last year will renew friendships & grow as a person. The bitter one will become less so. The procrastinator will miss a life-changing opportunity twice. The quiet one will find her voice, almost too late. The freaked out one will make a decision based on previous loyalty and regret it. The eternal bridesmaid will get a surprise. One of us will come to the brink of death. One of us will rediscover hedonism. Two on the fringe will move closer to the center. One of us will discover that planning does not equal living. The two experiencing "dry spells" will become closer but not intimate. The long-distance lovers will be sorely tested. The calm one will learn a very dangerous thing. And one of us will dream of tomatoes...

That's it kiddies. I know there's a lot there to digest. I know this will resonate with a few of you & as always, I'm not naming names! Your life is what you make it.

It's gonna be a long year. Good luck... we're gonna need it!
location: Fireesin
mood: indescribableindescribable
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New beginnings...  
02:01pm 01/01/2007
Yesterday I became progressively more & more ill with all of those symptoms associated with your basic flu from hell. Since Nyquil has changed their formula, I went with the new Tylenol product. It's a better formulation & after 16+ hours of sleep, I awoke feeling human instead feeling hungover like with the old stuff. Obviously I missed the much anticipated soiree and the new year itself. My apologies again to those I missed.

For those who read this mess I call a journal on a regular basis, today is the day I give you a head's up on what to expect for the coming year. I looked back to my post on this day last year and, boy was I dead on for most of my predictions! A couple were fullfilled by someone other than who I originally thought, however. This is a terribly inexact thing...


2007 will be a year of dramatic change and more change. Friendships that have endured for decades will end. New friendships will come into being. The nature of many relationships will change forever... our little group will be nearly unrecognizable from last year. For many this will be a good thing.

This will be a year of financial uncertainty for three of us. It'll be a building year for five of us. Two will endure physical pain & unexpected injury. One will finally own their life instead of drifting along. One will abandon all hope and two will blame others for their own decisions. There will be numerous job/career changes throughout the group. There will also be a few location changes.

Change is also the word for the region, nation & world. Big changes are a'comin' kiddies. Some will be good but most will be bad. The good ones will bring hope for the future. There will be at least one evironmentally ominous event. Many will be tested to the limit of their endurance. Some will be broken but many will become stronger for it.

As always, I look forward to sharing it all with you...
location: Fireesin
mood: indescribableindescribable
media: the tv on for background noise
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Once again...  
12:06am 01/01/2006
A new year is upon us, dear friends!

I wish you all happiness, health & wealth in the coming year!

Those who know me, know that I allow myself to drift a bit more than usual this time of year... to feel things... to see things.

Here's a few highlights of the coming year:

One couple in our little circle will strengthen their bond...
Two relationships will end; one spectacularly...
One of us will redeem their bad self in the eyes of others, but more importantly, in their own eyes as well...
Several of us will achieve a feeling of stability; but one only briefly...
One of us will disappoint a great many people...
A dear friend will be faced with three major decisions; and wll choose incorrectly on one of them...
Three of us will make major lifestyle changes; for one of them, it will result in their eventual death...
One of us will experience great financial hardships...
One of us will undergo serious physical pain; but will grow stronger for it...
Two of us will finally embrace their creative spirit...
A partnership will be formed, dissolved & formed again...
One of us will very likely achieve notoriety...
One who is no longer in the circle will do something breathtakingly stupid that will touch us all...

As with last year, names have not been used to prevent anyone from freaking out. Please keep in mind that nothing is set in stone & your fate is what you make of it. I'm only sensing potential.

For most of us, it will be a good year. I'm afraid, however, that the world as a whole will be facing some rather interesting times...

~ Heathen
mood: indescribableindescribable
media: "OLE!" by Bouncing Souls
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