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THE post...

Looking back at last year's post, I think I hit it on the head for most... It was a brutal year in soooo many ways!

As always, no names will be used. If you don't know who a prediction is for, then you don't need to know... and I'm not telling.

This year is a rebuilding year... a year of grounding and a year of preparation. It will also be a year of profound change for most and a year of profound loss for some.Two will be lost... one in body & one in mind. The one who lost it all will soar. The three who are hurting will see progress but one will relapse. The eternal boy will be given yet another chance to become a man... possibly for the last time. The one who pines away will find love from an unexpected direction. The networking mogul will overstep & damage a relationship. The two up north will regain their footing. The one on the beach needs to call home... right now. The one who stayed for the kids will meet with crisis and violence. The one who perseveres will find new strength. The isolated one will conquer at least one of their fears. The handy one will be forced to reevaluate several relationships. The one overwhelmed by ennui will find new purpose. The colorful one will keep on truckin'. The two in the field will be faced with a terrible choice. The one who is comfortable in their own skin will find new acclaim. The one in hiding will find someone's version of justice. The one who self medicates will continue on in denial. And one of us will continue to dream of tomatoes...
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