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THE post...

Well, last year's post was a bit more hit or miss than usual. I'd like to think that a couple of folks read these musings and zigged instead of zagged... but probably not.

For those who are new, here's how it works. While the impressions I get are pretty specific, I don't put names to them here. If you think you see yourself below, you're probably right (or are you?). It's all about potential... the whole butterfly wings & hurricanes thing.

Don't ask me which one is you. I'm not tellin'. Here we go:

The upcoming year will be better than last year. It will be a year of belief and awakening. It will be a year of dedication, loss and, for some, great rewards. The two in the field will have an experience that will force a paradigm shift. The one who finally made a change will find some of what they desire most but will have to burn a bridge to achieve it. The mongrel will face a decision that will result in either slinking away for a time or being put down. The reinvented one will become much more aware of the consequence of action and of inaction. The one who has it all will continue to think they have nothing. The colorful one will realize how profoundly empty their life actually is. A new couple will realize that they made a mistake. Two existing couples will face an unexpected challenge and only one will stay together.The one in the cold will inspire those around him. The one at the beach is lost... possibly forever. One of us will clutch at false hope and see tragedy. Three of us will become socially and politically aware... one will profit from it.The two up north will seek escape but not travel. The one who self medicates will continue with dangerous results. The handy one will find a significant new relationship if only for a time. The submissive one will over-step with far-reaching results. The knowledgeable one will seriously question a long-standing relationship. The one who is dying will find peace of a sort but the survivors won't. The artistic one faces heartache and a life decision. The one across the ocean will cut ties. The ones at the bottom of the world will see change. The spook will learn the true cost of their lifestyle. The player will be out-played. The one who yearns will find profound joy but at a cost. And as always, one of us will dream of tomatoes.
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